Initially Founded With a Focus on Residential, Commercial, and Institutional architecture, Including Mixed-Use Projects and a Master-Planned Community, Citiscape’s Scope Expanded Into Construction, Land/Property Acquisition, and Real Estate Development. Residential Endeavors Encompass Multi-Family Development, Including Inner Loop Patio Homes and Design-Build for Premium Custom Homes spanning up to 25,000 Sq. Ft. Among Its + Million Projects in the Pipeline, Citiscape Unveils Its Next Masterpiece, an Elite Boutique Condominium in Houston, With Mimosa Terrace at River Oaks.

You’re in for a treat with Citiscape’s journey from architecture to real estate mastery. Discover their evolution, crafting multi-family and luxurious custom homes. They are now debuting the upscale Mimosa Terrace at River Oaks in Houston. Excitement awaits with their elite boutique condominium project.

Key Takeaways

  • Founded with a focus on architecture, Citiscape expanded into real estate development, including construction and property acquisition.
  • Specializes in diverse residential projects like multi-family developments and premium custom homes up to 25,000 sq. ft.
  • Citiscape’s portfolio includes over $100 million of projects, with a new elite boutique condominium, Mimosa Terrace at River Oaks.
  • Known for blending architectural excellence with market demands, creating unique and desirable living spaces.
  • Cityscape is critical in real estate development, offering sophistication, modern elegance, and curated living experiences.
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Citiscape’s Evolution Into Real Estate Development

Citiscape shifted into real estate development in the early 2000s, significantly changing its business focus. As the company explored this new arena, its scope broadened to include constructionland/property acquisition, and real estate development.

Their residential endeavors expanded to encompass multi-family development, inner loop patio homes, and design-build projects for premium custom homes spanning up to 25,000 sq. ft. With over $100 million worth of projects in the pipeline, Citiscape has positioned itself as a key player in real estate development.

This strategic evolution allowed Citiscape to diversify its portfolio and capitalize on emerging opportunities in the market. By venturing into real estate development, the company showcased its architectural prowess and demonstrated its ability to navigate the complexities of construction and property acquisition.

As a result, Citiscape has solidified its reputation as a versatile and innovative player in the industry.

Diverse Residential Projects by Citiscape

Explore the array of diverse residential projects that showcase Citiscape’s versatility and innovation in real estate development.

Citiscape has excelled in crafting a wide range of residential properties, from multi-family developments like Inner Loop Patio Homes to premium custom homes spanning up to 25,000 sq. ft. Their expertise extends across various housing types, catering to different preferences and lifestyles.

Citiscape’s commitment to quality and attention to detail is evident in each project, ensuring that every residential property is a masterpiece in its own right. By combining architectural excellence with a deep understanding of market demands, Citiscape has established itself as a leader in creating unique and desirable living spaces.

Whether it’s a modern urban apartment complex or a sprawling luxury estate, Citiscape’s residential projects consistently exceed expectations and set new standards for residential development in the industry.

Unveiling the Elite Boutique Condominium

Explore the exceptional features and unmatched luxury of this newly introduced elite boutique condominium in Houston. Mimosa Terrace at River Oaks stands as Citiscape’s latest venture, promising a blend of sophistication and modern elegance. Boasting a prime location in Houston, this exclusive condominium offers a curated living experience that caters to the most discerning tastes.

Imagine stepping into a world where every detail exudes luxury and style. From the meticulously designed interiors to the breathtaking views of the city skyline, every aspect of this boutique condominium reflects a commitment to luxury living. With a focus on quality craftsmanship and innovative design, Citiscape has spared no expense in creating a residence that exemplifies refined living.

Indulge in the amenities and services tailored to elevate your lifestyle. Whether relaxing by the rooftop pool, unwinding in the spa, or hosting gatherings in the elegant entertainment spaces, Mimosa Terrace at River Oaks presents a sanctuary of exclusivity and comfort in the heart of Houston.

Experience the epitome of luxury living at this elite boutique condominium.


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