Luxury Residences: Unveiling the Exceptional Features

Immerse yourself in a world of opulence with luxury residences boasting extraordinary features. From elevated gardens to panoramic views, each corner residence exudes exclusivity. Structural excellence, such as concrete and steel construction, guarantees durability. Elevators, trash chutes, and private storage augment convenience for discerning homeowners. The allure extends to the luxurious interiors, where Italian-made cabinetry from Aran Cucine, Boffi, and German Gaggenau appliances reign supreme. Step into a realm where every detail is crafted to epitomize luxury living.

Key Takeaways

  • Elevated gardens provide a serene oasis in the city center.
  • Corner residences offer panoramic views of 180° – 270°.
  • Spacious floor plans feature a dedicated study area for convenience.
  • German-made Gaggenau appliances and Italian cabinetry enhance luxury.
  • Concrete and steel structures with 8′ thick floors ensure durability and quality.
  • Beaufiful Gardens.


Signature Features

When considering the distinctive aspects that set these luxury residences apart, one cannot overlook the remarkable signature features that define each of the 16 premium homes.

These exclusive residences boast elevated gardens, providing a serene oasis in the city’s heart.

Each home is uniquely positioned as a corner residence, offering unparalleled 180° – 270° panoramic views that capture the essence of urban living.

The spacious floor plans are thoughtfully designed, featuring a dedicated study area for those seeking a private workspace.

Moreover, German-made Gaggenau appliances and Italian-made kitchen and bathroom cabinetry further elevate the luxurious living experience within these exceptional homes.

Building Features

The exceptional building features enhance both functionality and aesthetic appeal, exemplifying the luxury residences’ structural integrity and design. These residences boast a concrete and steel structure with 8′ thick concrete slab floors, ensuring durability and stability.

The double-glazed commercial-grade aluminum windows provide insulation and soundproofing and offer stunning views. Residents can enjoy privacy and exclusivity with only two to three luxurious residences per floor.

The convenience of two high-speed elevators and trash chute access on each floor adds to the seamless living experience. These meticulously crafted building features showcase the commitment to quality and luxury in every aspect of the residence.

Amenities & Services

Residents of these luxury residences can expect many upscale amenities and services designed to enhance their living experience. The glass awning grand entrance sets the tone for sophistication.

A full-time concierge and porter cater to residents’ needs and provide personalized assistance. Access to the Fitness Center promotes a healthy lifestyle, while landscaping maintenance ensures pristine grounds year-round.

For added convenience, climate-controlled private storage is available for purchase, offering secure space for belongings. These amenities and services aim to elevate the residents’ living standards, providing a luxurious and convenient lifestyle within the exclusive community.

Interior & Kitchen Features

Featuring natural pre-finished wide-plank wood floors, the interior of these luxury residences exudes elegance and warmth.

The meticulous attention to detail extends to the kitchen, where Italian-made Poliform cabinetry and quartz countertops create a sophisticated culinary space. Stainless steel appliances, including a Gaggenau refrigerator, Bosch dishwasher, and a Gaggenau gas cooktop, ensure both style and functionality. The under-mount sink and below-cabinet LED lighting add practicality and ambiance to the kitchen area.

Additionally, a walk-in pantry with built-in shelves offers ample storage for culinary essentials. With a seamless blend of high-end finishes and modern conveniences, the kitchen in these luxury residences is designed to cater to the most discerning homeowners.

mimosa terrace
mimosa terrace

Frequently Asked Questions

Residents have the option to customize the interior finishes to suit their tastes. This flexibility allows individuals to personalize their living space and create a home that reflects their unique style preferences.

Customization may include choosing different materials, colors, and design elements to tailor the interior finishes to their liking. This feature enhances the overall living experience by allowing residents to create a space that truly feels like their own.

Yes, our luxury residences offer pet-friendly amenities to cater to the needs of residents’ beloved companions. These amenities may include designated pet relief areas, grooming stations, and pet-sitting or walking services. The goal is to create a welcoming environment for residents and their pets, ensuring that all household members feel at home and are well taken care of within our exclusive community.
Yes, the property offers a designated area for package deliveries and pickups, ensuring convenience for residents. This feature enhances the overall resident experience by providing a secure and organized location for receiving and retrieving packages. Residents can rest assured that their deliveries are handled efficiently and kept safe until collected, adding a valuable convenience to their daily lives within the community.
Yes, the residences boast state-of-the-art smart home technology features. Each home is equipped with cutting-edge systems for enhanced convenience and efficiency. From smart thermostats and lighting controls to integrated security systems, residents can enjoy the latest home automation technology. These features seamlessly blend with the residences’ luxurious design and premium amenities, ensuring a sophisticated and modern living experience.
The building implements several eco-friendly initiatives, including a concrete and steel structure with energy-efficient double-glazed windows, LED lighting, and pre-wiring for electric solar shades. These features aim to reduce energy consumption and promote sustainability. While specific certifications were not mentioned, the design choices suggest a commitment to environmentally conscious practices. Overall, the building’s construction and interior features align with modern eco-friendly standards, enhancing the residences’ sustainability.


In conclusion, the unveiled luxury residences exhibit unparalleled attention to detail and exceptional features that redefine modern elegance and luxury.

From the breathtaking views and spacious floor plans to the top-tier appliances and exclusive amenities, these homes offer a truly elevated living experience.

The commitment to quality and sophistication is evident in every corner of the building, making it a premier choice for discerning homeowners seeking refined living.


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